Official Website Launch…but still some bad news

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by!

memorial-day1Before I begin, I want to wish a safe and happy Memorial Day to everyone, but most importantly I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the Service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in during their protection of the Freedoms and Liberties that we enjoy in this Nation.  Let us all take a moment spent in reflection today while we enjoy the long weekend to remember that sacrifice, and the sacrifice that their families continue to make even today.  To those of you I know personally, we will meet again.  From myself and those associated with DARK Systems, a sincere thank you.

Please note that we will not be conducting a Memorial Day sale because this day is about remembrance and honoring.

With that special message said, welcome to the official launch of the new DARK Systems website!  It has been a long time coming, over 14 months to be exact.  The path has been littered with hurdles, hills, oceans and the occasional mountain….but we finally made it.  Now, we debated on waiting until tomorrow, June 1 to announce the official launch, but I felt that we should honor those who protected the American Dream by actually participating in it, so here goes.

Here we are, finally going live with a completed website that is designed to not only service our local customers, but also all of our National ones.  I’m pretty proud of what has been accomplished to be honest, and am confident that, as you browse through the page, you will be equally as happy.  I’d like to point out four…no, five things I’d like to point out as you browse through the site

First, the blog.  You’re reading our first post right now!  We felt that this was a critical component to help relay what DARK Systems is all about to our current and future followers, but we don’t want to have just another “gun blog” and have the capability to promote written articles as well as videos.  As such, we are enlisting a small army (ok ok, a Fire Team or two) of contributors to this blog across a wide array of subjects and topics, not all of them directly related to firearms and accessories either.  We assure you, you won’t get bored and hope to surprise you more often than not.  I want to have some fun and hi-jinks with this as well.  Just be aware, some of us are new to being in front of the camera, so please be patient while we become accustom to it, which is why this isn’t a video post (I tried….but trust me, I’m no Matt Best).

Matt….if you’re reading this, I need training.

Second, the web store.  We are currently listing just over 185,000 individual products with essentially a “live” inventory system and still have more products to add in the coming weeks.  This took a great deal of coordination and networking in order to accomplish and one of the elements that kept delaying our launch.  All of our products are shipped with reasonable FLAT RATE shipping so you will always know what your costs are up front.  Our Terms and Conditions page has additional information for you on this and other topics.  There are still a few elements of the store, notably the product search function which are not operating at their full potential; we are working on that in the background and expect continual updates of the web store as we move forward.  There is some bad news about the store though, so keep reading.

Third, the Reward Point Program.  We wanted to thank everyone for trusting in us for their shooting and outdoor needs, so we developed this program to do exactly that.  To the best of our knowledge, this is a unique program in the shooting and outdoor sports industry where you receive points for every dollar you spend that you can use to save money on a future purchase.  You even get points from referring a friend to DARK Systems and for providing a product review!  So while you browse the web store, don’t forget to register for your FREE account so that your purchases start accruing these points immediately.  For more information about this program, please visit the Point System FAQ page.

Remember that bad news?  Well, continue reading and learn how to earn DOUBLE REWARD POINTS.

Fourth, the Buyer’s Club.  As if the Reward Point Program wasn’t enough, we wanted to extend even more savings to those of you who return to DARK Systems for all your needs.  Members receive a ton of additional perks, so please visit the Buyer’s Club Information page for the details and sign up for the ultimate purchasing experience.

Last but not least, DARK Systems’ Manufacturing.  You may have heard the rumor that we are manufacturing now.  Well, the rumor is true!  Over the next several weeks, you will see many additions to our product catalog of the DARK Systems’ “Field” and “Competition” AR lineup available for pre-order, and by the end of the year we’ll similarly launch a series of precision bolt action rifles.  We are arranging for military, law enforcement and competition professionals to conduct reviews of these rifles as they become available; stay tuned for those articles!

Lazy Mtn FlagThe Bad News.  Unfortunately, something occurred over the weekend and the web store is still inoperative.  We are a transparent company, so in short (and all honesty), many of the prices listed are significantly lower than even our cost.  We don’t want to turn away your business, so please place your items in your wishlist, send us a copy via email to “” and we will process your order manually and send you a correct invoice.  DO NOT submit the order through the shopping cart as it will not process.  If you choose to complete your purchase, we are offering DOUBLE REWARD POINTS for your trouble and to make this right for you.  We will continue this offer until we get it fixed.  This may happen on Tuesday when IT returns from the weekend, or it may take a few weeks, I don’t know….but until we do, this offer stands.

So with that, I will again bid you a happy Memorial Day and we here at DARK Systems look forward to a long future with you.

~Jeffrey Missal, DARK Systems, Founder and CEO